Hutaib InfoTech Solutions participates in Smart Stores Expo

The Smart Stores Expo has been conceptualised to integrate the growing retail market needs of the Middle East encompassing of four main dimensions: Smart Store Design, Smart Store Technology, Smart Store Services and Smart Virtual Stores. In the second edition, Smart Stores Expo is back with many new elements supporting the ‘Smart’ retail sector, along

HUTAIB InfoTech Solutions recommended TimeTec TA for EEG Dubai

HUTAIB InfoTech Solutions, established in 2011 is a provider of high-level Security & CCTV Video Surveillance Systems, Time Attendance & Door Access Control Solution, Structured Cabling and Wireless Connectivity Solutions, ICT & Telecommunications Systems and other Low Voltage Systems for Commercial, Government and industrial sectors throughout the UAE.HUTAIB InfoTech Solutions has recommended TimeTec TA and

Upgrade business premises security with biometrics systems

Robbery in business premises with provoked circumstances jumped up to a high extent in recent years. Well-organized gangs of robbers and sometimes insiders look for the opportunities of undisturbed security premises for misconduct. It is shocking, but true that most robberies take place illegally, but with no force. This is nothing, but a result of

Reason Why We Should Focus Beyond Biometrics

A number of people tend to get the impression that our company specializes in fingerprint products and technologies only. Although this perception is not exactly accurate, it is observed that the term ‘biometrics’ looks catchier at first glance and this works in our favor as it becomes the conversational piece for the general audience, making
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