HUTAIB InfoTech Solutions was established in year 2011 in United Arab Emirates. HUTAIB is a provider of high-level Security Solutions & CCTV Surveillance Systems, Time Attendance & Door Access Control Solution, Structured Cabling and Network, ICT & Telecommunications Systems and other Low Voltage Systems for Commercial, Government and industrial sectors throughout the UAE.
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mainlogo We at Hutaib InfoTech Solutions offer a strong option to our clients to do business without any cash. Yes, that’s right! We are open to doing services through barter system. Hutaib InfoTech is a member of the prestigious Barter Card that is unlike any debit or credit card.
barter-systemThe Barter System is older than cash system of doing business. In the modern form, a business owner can lend one aspect of his asset or inventory and in turn avail of another business’ services or products. Any excess or idle stock can be effectively utilized in business and thus save costs, maximize productivity and build revenues for the business. In today’s times of stiff competition, barter systems makes complete business sense
mainlogo Barter Card promotes the essence of barter systems with its unique barter card. Smart businesses across the globe are embracing this card to boost sales, increase productivity, reduce costs and improve overall business profits. Over 500 companies in UAE alone have adopted Barter Card to do cashless business with their clients/vendors. Barter Card enables smooth exchanges of services or goods with other members without involving cash at all.

In case you have spare capacity – inventory, office, human capital or other assets, you can easily trade its utilization for our expert services and solutions in Time Attendance Solutions, Door Access Control and CCTV surveillance. No need to spend cash.

Hutaib InfoTech Solutions always thinks of its customers. We are a pioneer of innovative solutions and keep our customers in focus. With the Barter system, we aim to create a win-win situation for ourselves and our esteemed clients. You can get more out of your idle resources in exchange for our reliable and superior quality ICT solutions. Through our membership with Barter Card, we help customers avail of cashless business with Hutaib InfoTech Solutions and thus save valuable cash in their business. Our association as a Barter Card member provides a clear, transparent and reliable channel for our clients to exchange goods and services in exchange for our own ICT services and surveillance solutions.

Contact us today on or +971 4 311 3752 to know more about this exciting revenue-generating opportunity enabled by Hutaib InfoTech Solutions.

Our Services at Glance

  • Wireless Connectivity Solutions
    4ipnet is a global wireless network infrastructure provider for manageable, reliable, and secure Wi-Fi access. The company’s comprehensive product portfolio seamlessly unifies wireless and wired network access for all types of public Wi-Fi settings, ranging from small-sized hotels to large-scale enterprises. HUTAIB InfoTech Solutions Presents Wireless Connectivity Solutions for Education, Enterprise, Hospitality, Outdoor & Healthcare
  • Wireless Lan Controller
    For your enterprise grade wireless LAN controllers, we at Hutaib InfoTech Solutions bring to you the biggest range to add to your business efficiencies.
  • Wireless Hotspot Gateway
    As an emerging leader in connectivity and networking solutions in the UAE, Hutaib Infotech Solutions strives to offer future-ready wireless hotspot solutions.
  • CCTV Security Surveillance
    CCTV is a monitoring system that allows a home / business to record footage based on the system's programming.

Who are our customers?

Who do we work with?

We partner with the world’s leading technology providers to channel their offerings and implement best of breed solutions to meet our customers’ business needs.

We are consistently looking to improve our offering to our customers by offering the best mix of products to clients in the UAE from leading technology vendors worldwide. If you are looking for a partner with experience, technical expertise and a close focus on quality, integrity and client relationships then Hutaib InfoTech Solutions may be your perfect match for the UAE market.

If you would like discuss partnership possibilities with us, please contact Us

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